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Minifleen VI (Return To Minifleen)

Apparently, without realizing it, I may have scooped the world and lucked upon unreleased news concerning a superstar of the newspaper comics page.

If so, I wholeheartedly apologize for this inadvertent act of journalism, and promise not to journalise again in the future. On the other hand, I haven’t been able to confirm the story at all with the syndicate, which would put me back on the more familiar ground of unsubstantiated rumormongering.

But because I feel I owe you people at least one bit of factual reportage today, how about this: Darren J. Gendron mails to say

Dear Pirate has reached Strip No. 50.

Plasticine figures and better advice than Dear Abby’s idiot daughter? What are you waiting for?

Dear Gary,

I feel so trapped with all these webcomics I read daily. If they don’t update I fear they are going to disappear forever and stay unconcluded.

All my friends tell me to get a life but I feel like I have a connection to each author.

What can I do to distance my need for webcomics? :D

I’ve always said that Abby was a pirate, while Ann was a ninja. Dr. Laura, though, is neither a pirate nor ninja, or even a doctor of psychology, for that matter.

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