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Minifleen II (If Time Permits)

In case you hadn’t noticed, Lore Sjöberg has repurposed his Bad Gods site away from Flash animation and towards whatever medium suits the given project best:

The clever among you will note that this is a very similar approach to the one I took with The Brunching Shuttlecocks. The clever and obsessive among you will note that [Friday, 1 June 2007] is Brunching’s tenth anniversary.

One part of this Brunching Mk. II is a webcomic (which appears to be more character- and plot-oriented than the reflective musings of Lore Brand Comics); ladles and jenglemints, please enjoy the comedic stylings of The Capybara Brothers (which starts here, continues here, and will eventually be directly accessible here).

Hey, thanks for the link.

Yeah, don’t know what the hell I’m doing, I just know that the stuff that’s intended to entertain will end up on Bad Gods. Every time I try to settle down with one medium and raise a passel of little page views I end up feeling my oats and checking into a hotel room with some hot little input device.* So I’m giving into a life of artistic promiscuity.

*Wow, that came out even creepier than I intended.

God, what is this? The third time we’ve linked to Lore?

There’s too much Sjoberg on this site. I should write a post about something obscure, like Dumbrella.

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