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You Are The Future Of Webcomics Knowledge

But first, some updates to yesterday’s piece on social bookmarking; if you’ve read the comments, you’ll notice that Dave Kellett has added per-strip bookmarks to Sheldon, which I missed. There’s also a note that Drunk Duck provides similar functionality, and I saw ’em at Bang Barstal this morning, but read over them yesterday when doing research for the article.

This leads me to think that maybe we’ve got two issues at play: first is the coding part (and apparently, Tyler Martin is your go-to guy for such), and the second is a design issue. The tendency at this point seems to be to put the per-strip link buttons

  • immediately below the strip
  • in subdued colors to not distract from the strip or overall site design

which is probably good logic, but may cause people (and by people, I mean me) to overlook ’em. In a remarkably short while, I imagine this problem will go away as readers just become accustomed to looking for the link buttons.

Now, onto the main item for the day: Xaviar (rhymes with Caviar, but dealing with him does not require trafficking in endangered species in violation of the CITES protocols, and I have no idea where I was going with this) Xerexes wants to ask of you a favor:

We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of starting the wiki-based webcomic encyclopedia (hosted at comixpedia dot org).

What it needs now, however, is enthusiastic and committed leadership dedicated to maintaining this project and helping to develop a more active community around it. After thinking about it a lot this year I know I’m not the person to do that. Realistically, I don’t have the time for it (I struggle to carve out just the time spent here at

So I’m in need of a plan for the future of the webcomic wiki. A future without my direct involvement. What I’m potentially offering to a person or an entity is my assistance in transferring the backend of the current site to a new host, the URL and/or the name Comixpedia.

It needs to be a plan that I think has a reasonable chance of success in terms of people, organization and resources. I don’t know what that plan is right now, but I hope to blast this post far and wide enough online to get some interest going in coming up with a workable plan.

Double-X solicited some opinions from some of the finest minds in webcomicdom (and by the finest minds in webcomicdom, I mean the finest minds in webcomicdom, plus me) on what to do with the Comixpedia wiki project a couple of weeks ago; part of what came from our discussions is that the project needs technical support & resources, but it also needs a sort of philosophical guidance — in short, it needs its own Jimbo Wales, only without all the baggage that goes along with being Jimbo Wales.

So if you’ve got ideas on what the webcomics wiki could be and you’re willing to help shepherd it in that direction, there’s a comment thread a-waitin’ for you. And on the off chance you don’t have the time to be part of the running-it end of things, there’s about a zillion webcomics articles that need writing or updating.

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