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From Zero To Internet Meme In 40 Hours

  1. Genesis.
  2. Inevitability.
  3. Ubiquity.
  4. Requisite feed.

These features are why I have been trying to migrate over to a database-driven site since oh, mid-1995 or thereabouts. The last version of the database site actually had all of these things but it was so mysql-intensive it exploded into a billion little bits.

Whoops, wrong article.

[…] Gary So it seems that LOLBOTS may not be consuming 112% of the bandwidth of the internet at the moment; growing outward from originator Rich Stevens, it has now encompassed Jeph Jacques and Ryan North, the Twin Towers of webcomics (and between them the center of all crossovers and cross projects). Analysis continues to pour in from corners far and wide, with comic strip scholar Wendell Wittler kicking things off: I was about to make a post bemoaning the fact that LOLCATS images are more popular than Webcomics, meaning that all the creative writing and drawing all over the web is being trumped by pictures of cats and captions in bad English, but now a couple of the sharpest writers in Webcomicdom have decided not to fight ‘em, but to join ‘em. […]

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