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Anybody That Wants To Promote Us Far And Wide, That’s Cool

One thing about webcomics that I really love? Innovation. You’ve got a couple zillion really creative people grinding away out there, and when one of them stumbles on a clever idea, it spreads slowly at first, then quickly becomes just a standard part of a well-designed site. Case in point: social bookmarking.

Sites like Beaver and Steve and Little Gamers have had links to add particular strips to sites like and digg for a while now; Diesel Sweeties has feeds via RSS and a host of alternate readers/syndication sites for the main page (but not, as far as I can tell, for individual strips).

To that list add Sheldon, which this week added a tactical nuke-out of feed readers (15 by my count) to the front page (like DS, Sheldon appears to take the inform me when there’s a front page update approach, rather than the hey check out today’s installment approach favored by B&S and LG). My guess is that in two months, we’re going to see those little buttons on most of the high-traffic sites. For reference, the various links and readers are:

Oh, and if we email and ask him politely, do you think Andy Bell will grace us with some pictures of Darth Creature?

My feeds actually update on from one master RSS when there’s a new comic, (or news item) as opposed to strictly being a “when the front changes thing”.

Just FYI!

Post on subscribe buttons:

Doing one up for social bookmarking sites next.

The credit for Sheldon’s RSS links goes squarely to Tyler, who so generously shared his RSS learnin’s with the world. Thanks, Tyler!

The individual-to-each-strip social bookmarking links (right under each Sheldon toon) took me a bit longer to ‘figger out, but they’re also new, as of yesterday.

Whether these actually help, or are just a feature creep….only time will tell.

Just wanted to point out that DrunkDuck has also been providing digg and for a while now for DD comics. :) They also have Mag.nolia, Reddit, RSS, and a function that allows readers to e-mail a particular comic to a friend.

[…] Gary But first, some updates to yesterday’s piece on social bookmarking; if you’ve read the comments, you’ll notice that Dave Kellett has added per-strip bookmarks to Sheldon, which I missed. There’s also a note that Drunk Duck provides similar functionality, and I saw ‘em at Bang Barstal this morning, but read over them yesterday when doing research for the article. […]

[…] In other news, Fleen discovers RSS for webcomics and rates it as: “cool” […] and pretty much anything else running on the WebcomicsNation/ModernTales engine has digg,, reddit, and furl

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