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Holiday Recovery Day

Seriously, why are people even showing up at my job today? You should have taken vacation this week, people! At least webcomics offer a respite:

  • Via ¡Journalista!: A Photoshop spot-fill how-to with your host, Hope Larson. I don’t even know most of what she’s talking about, and I can feel myself getting more skillful.
  • Webcomics-by-mail? Benson is a collaboration between Tristan Baumber (found here) and Peter Durston (found here). They swap off frames in turn, until there’s enough for a strip (a technique with some literary precedent); the process is described here.

    Most interesting: in a time of global electronic communications, Benson is sent by postal services, as much as six times, before being inked and scanned. Apart from the sheer insanity of the technique, I was struck most by how consistent the art is from panel to panel, and how far in advance Durston & Baumber must have to work to update on a daily basis. Insane, I tells you!

  • We’ve written of Ninja Bunny on this page previously, and having reached 200 strips yesterday, creator Phillip Spence celebrates this week with guest strips starting today (courtesy of Furry Black Devil); look for contributions from Head Injury Theater and Grumps later this week. Grumps, we should note, today has a strip from Paul Southworth, who himself is almost running self-made guest strips this week at Ugly Hill (showing his original concept for the strip, circa 2002). If this keeps up, every single webcomic in existence could be part of a grand guest strip circle at the same time.
  • And finally, I confess: I LOLed (or here, if the subscription kicks in).

Guest Strip Circle Jerk.

I’m only saying what everyone else is thinking.

To be honest if I see a guest strip on a comic site I frequent, I skip it. This probably makes me a bad person.


He just told you why. He’s a bad person!

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