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Man, Slow Day

Slow, slow, slow slow slooooow. Slow. Um, yeah.

Closest thing to actual news right now is the unfortunate word that Digger is going to a three-week filler break due to creator Ursula Vernon having some tough personal times just now (and just at a nice dramatic ponit in the story, too). Best of luck to Vernon, and we’ll be waiting when she gets back. Plus, any excuse to run pictures of Ed is cool by me.

From the mailbag:

  • Alien, creator of Chasing the Sunset, has 400+ strips that (s)he would like some feedback on. That’s a bit much for me to plow through and provide constructive criticism in a timely fashion, so you’re all deputized. Pick a 10 — 20 strip block of strips and drop some comments over there.
  • I like short and to the point, as when Paul Meehan wrote (verbatim, in its entirety):

    Check it.

    Not sure it really qualifies as a webcomic, but it’s got Nazis. Whoops, Godwined it right out of the gate.

  • Oh, wait, here’s some news: Steve Napierski informs us that his Dueling Analogs (by my count, gaming webcomic #3628, out of a total 17493) is now appearing monthly in Hardcore Gamers Magazine. I’m not familiar with the magazine in question, but I don’t think it’s using the word hardcore in the sense of Intensely loyal; die-hard.

Okay, that’s it. Somebody please make somebody else cranky so that we have something for tomorrow.

Sam Logan is such a fucker.



lols at Jeph and Sam

I heard from a Dr. Hoagland that R Stevens created a clone of himself for the sole purpose of making tender love to it every night.

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