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Still Governing Ourselves Accordingly

Steve Troop is offering a deal: more webcomic in return for some vote-related love at the MTV Movie Awards for his Snakes On A Plane/Shatner On A Plane/puppet mashup. In other news, it’s your last chance to get a SOAP shirt from Jeff Rowland, who has declared them newly ironic.

Help Liz Greenfield win stuff for having awesome hair.

Don’t forget: xkcd is daily this week, with an actual story (but don’t worry, still plenty of math, at least today).

Karen Ellis reminds us that there’s never a bad time to say nuuuuucleeeear … WESSELS.

And finally, as it’s now been officially a month since we were threatened with a lawsuit (or, more precisely, a month since we asked exactly what was actionable in our coverage of the Dave Kelly/Todd Goldman story … that chirping of crickets you hear is all the reply we’ve gotten), we at Fleen are now forced to conclude that Goldman’s lawyer believes there never was anything defamatory in our writing.

To commemorate the occasion, we have one (1) Dear God Make Everyone Die t-shirt (size medium) up for grabs; with the AwfulMart down at the moment due to postal rate retooling, this could be your only chance to get one. Anybody that emails to the contact link up and to the right by midnight, 31 May 2007 (EST) with the word “shirt” in the subject line gets entered into the random draw.

Thanks for the mention. I just wanted to remind everyone to rate it on the side — 1 to 5 stars, depending on what they thought — by May 27. I started jotting down ideas for the comics, so let’s hope people will be able to see them! (p.s. I don’t honestly think this video can make it all the way to being on the awards show — I just want to see it under “featured videos” on the website).

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