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Before you get your hopes up about the return of a longdormant favorite-of-the-masses webcomic, be aware of two things:

  1. It’s previously-published material, not the resumption of the story.
  2. The creator is on record as saying, “Every time I get an email that tells me I have to finish RPG World, I push back the date that I’m gonna bring it back by a month.”

As of this morning, Fleen estimates that RPG World will return no later than September, 2057.

I hadn’t really done more than skim the Wapsi Girl Project since it launched ’bout two months back, but something about this young lady caught my eye; can’t imagine what it might have been. A quick stop by her artblog led to her webcomic, The Monsters’ Republic of Monstairia, which is proving to be pretty damn good. Starts here, and I’m enjoying my read-through.

And finally, It’s apparently Webcomics Baby Week (what did you expect with all the webcomics boning last year?). Congrats to Chicklike Godhead Pete on the birth of baby Sarah Abrams, and to Jon Rosenberg on the birth of baby To Be Announced (maybe … we don’t have a definite report yet, but I have 6:12pm yesterday in the pool) Norah Hayden Rosenberg. And naturally, condolences to their wives for the traumatic experiencing of birthing webcomics spawn.

Mention of “webcomics boning” reminds me: What happened to that Tuesday Crimson person?

[…] In happier news, everyone’s having babies! Congratulations to Rick Altergott and Ariel Bordeaux, who yesterday became the proud parents of Edwin Bradley Altergott; Greg Zura has a photo of father and son. Congratulations also to Goats creator Jon Rosenberg and Sluggy Freelance creator Pete Abrams (and their respective wives); both couples are the proud parents of newborn baby girls. (Hat tip: Gary Tyrrell.) […]

[…] out the funny at, or at IJ-Q’s LJ, and somebody please remind this guy of the First Law of RPG World (now scheduled to return in October 2057 … good going, Kayoden Usoden “The Chaos […]

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