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Speaking Of Comics Rolling Over Round Numbers

Okay, so on the one hand you’ve got Wondermark, by David Malki !, hitting 300 strips old today (although he also wonders if guest strips count):

Due to last year’s Guest Month it is really only the 281st regular comic by me, so maybe we will have a party around comic #319 or so.

Similarly, the venerable Megatokyo is at strip #999 right now (again, counting guest strips). We at Fleen hope that when #1000 shows up (maybe tomorrow, but the progress bar shows 0% done as of this writing), that Fred Gallagher enjoys the accomplishment. Maybe with some cake?

It seems to me that people often take significant milestones as an opportunity to reassess and recharge the ol’ creative batteries. Vacations are also good for that: lotsa of verbage from Josh Lesnick, on vacation in Mexico, about not really enjoying how a webcomics hobby became a webcomics career. Maybe?

There’s a crab, and some metaphorical crap flung at Tim Buckley and the no-talent kids of newspaper comic artists, and he says he feels like kind of a dong before thanking people who have helped him. All in all, looks pretty damn therapeutic for Lesnick, and we at Fleen hope he’s feeling better, and remind him to be careful about eating the worm.

Speaking as somebody who has turned two different hobbies into careers (first music, then comics) and had Josh’s experience with one of them (music, which I now don’t do anymore at all ever), I think I understand.

I guess I’m just lucky that I got away with doing it a second time. Drawing comics full-time makes me happy.

Is it really necessary for him to lash out like that at Buckley? He says it on his site loud and clear, if you don’t like his comic, don’t read it.

He sounds bitter to me about what he perceives success to take.

I don’t know. And why link to it and promote discord?

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