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Running Your Own Server x 2

Word from Christopher B. Wright that — because moving across the country isn’t stressful enough — he’s leaving the Green Keen Empire to take Help Desk solo:

The other news is that I’m going to be leaving Keenspot. Over the past year I’ve been trying to move to a database-driven site, and each attempt manages to screw up the Keenspot servers something fierce, causing crashes and slowdowns and other me-related havoc. If I want to keep going in this direction — which I do — it’s pretty clear that in order to do so I’m going to have to set out into uncharted waters and get my own website hosting. So come July I will be switching over to a non-Keenspot hosting provider.

It’s a pretty scary prospect. I’ve been with Keenspot for 7 years and haven’t regretted it. I get a lot of site traffic from Keenspot and expect that a lot of that traffic will go away when I move on. That said, the prospect of crashing a brand new server is somewhat exciting.

Best of luck to Wright, and be sure to cut him some slack if there are server hiccups, yes?

Speaking of server hiccups, you may recall that Scott Kurtz posted recently that his provider was doing some preventative maintenance and bringing additional server resources online; as I recall, it went unusually smoothly. Naturally, a clean server transition really means unexpected outages will crop up later, just when you’re breathing easy. Kurtz would like you to know:

[T]he PvP server had some hardware issues that my host Speakeasy is working on. We’ve been down for about a day. We had planned to run maintenance over the slow part of the weekend but apparantly the server had other plans and crapped out early yesterday.

It’s all a part of running your own website.

I’ll be posting strips over at until my site is back up again. But it might be a long weekend.

Now that you can all get your PvP fix, how about a dip into the mailbag?

  • From Tommie Kelly: The End is into its fourth chapter; I held off on linking until there was a bit of content there.
  • Straining the bounds of the concept of “anniversary”, Dean Tan let us know the other day that his comic, Life In Existence, hit its ninth consecutive strip. By the time you read this, it may be at twelve or thirteen!
  • Taking a more straightforward approach to the “new webcomic” announcement (yeah, talkin’ to you, Tan!), Michael Hoskins announces Nightworld. Number of installments necessary to reach the first decapitation and head-eating: three.
  • Speaking of college themed strips, John Kroes writes to invite you to Last Ditch Effort, which runs both online and in several dozen college papers across the country.

And as we all know, strips that start in college papers can lead to bigger things, like books that end pre-orders on Monday. Just sayin’.

Lastly, condolences to Mr T for laughing too hard and giving himself Winkernoma. Hope you’re feeling better, T.

Thanks for the mention! In my shameless defence of my shamelessness, I had returned from a showing of Spider-Man 3 that day and I should not be held accountable for my actions.

But seriously, I appreciate your mentioning my lil’ project. Thanks Fleen (and Gary)!

Nightworld Launches

Nightworld launches. I sent a press release to Fleen announcing such, and got an official linky-poo:
Taking a more straightforward approach to the “new webcomicâ€? announcement (yeah, talkin’ to you, Tan!), Michael Hoskins announces Nightworld. Nu…

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