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Even Better

Noticed some good news at !Journalista! this morning: this year’s Xeric Grants have been announced, and we’ve got some webcomics winnners. Given that the Xerics are for self-published dead-tree comics, the focus isn’t on comics that were designed for (and released on) the web, but here we have Tyler Page‘s Nothing Better Vol. 1, taken from the webcomic of the same name.

And even more interestingly, (via Heidi MacDonald), we have Kevin Colden’s Fishtown:

The press release notes that Colden “serialized his comic book online just before receiving the acceptance letter from Xeric. The feedback has been great! So, he’s decided to continue posting and decline the grant money — not an easy decision — but he’s still a Xeric winner!â€?

I’m not aware of any previous grantees turning down money, so do Colden a favor and go check out his work. And while you’re at it, check out Nothing Better and buy Page’s book, ’cause it’s good stuff.

And as long as we’re talking about good news and good stuff, we at Fleen would be remiss if we didn’t mention Paul Southworth’s good news:

My wife is 20 weeks pregnant as of today (halfway there, about 5 months), and everything is going well. So every purchase you make from me will go to a good cause; the feeding and clothing of a new little person this coming September. I’ll keep you posted!

Check out the sonogram of the little critter; I like this child, my sibling in moustachery, already. As Southworth noted, having replicants ’round the house is expensive, so please note that you still have until Friday to purchase his Medieval Friday, at which point it will be gone forever.

Fear not, there is a secret new design that will go on sale to replace it, and Fleen contracted stalker paparazzi to obtain an exclusive photo. The new shirt design was allegedly seen partying in an LA club with an unnamed starlet, and rumor has it that not all parties were wearing under-wears. Click here for the exclusive first look. Or, if you don’t like shirts, just buy some of his originals, unless you’re an evil bastard who hates babies that have enough food and clothing and shelter. Jerk.

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