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Press Release[d]

The St Petersberg Times reports today that Todd Goldman and Dave Kelly have reached an agreement (at least, that Goldman’s press agent stated such on the 3rd). Also, that Todd Goldman called the situation “false accusations”, and Goldman’s art dealer describes the situation as “… with the Web, anybody can go out and ruin someone.” Now we could go back and forth on this forever, but it looks like it’s time to stick a fork in this one.

How about some press releases? Speaking of May 3rd:



Thinkin’ Lincoln, everybody’s favorite webcomic about floating president heads (also: floating queen heads and uh… vice president heads), has passed an amazing milestone this week. Yes, that’s right, we’ve finally hit comic number 433!

“When this comic started,” quipped Miles Grover, author and artist of Thinkin’ Lincoln, “I never thought I’d be able to do 433 comics. Think about it! 433 is a lot of comics. If you read them back-to-back and it took an average of 15 seconds per comic to read, that would be a little bit under 2 hours to read! OK I guess that’s not that long, but still.”

Yes, it’s been a year and 10 months since the comic started and what a wild ride it’s been! Like the time when Lincoln thought about things and then said stuff or that one time when George Washington was a jerk. And who can forget the time when Darwin was involved in a joke about evolution?

We appreciate all our loyal readers and look forward to the next 433 comics to come!

Before you get to thinkin’ that contrived press releases will work for you, bear in mind that I feel a minor obligation towards anybody/ anything involving Lincoln at the moment, seeing as how I neglected to properly credit Zombie Lincoln as the creator of the antisolipsism picture used here.

Oh, okay, one more:

Austin, Texas resident and internet cartoonist DON JOLLY has a whole lot of BRAVERY to be proud of!

Jolly, who is twenty years old, has been diagnosed with serious head cancer. But even so, he keeps on bravely doing the same kind of things healthy people do: like writing a comic on the internet called Flapjack Canyon.

“It sucks that Don has cancer,” said his Dad. “He’s always whining. And I have to give him rides all the time.”

Flapjack Canyon is a product of Jolly’s dim of view of human experience. In the series of stand-alone, six panel stories he has painted such depressing subjects as a wounded young woman being a total slut to spite her idiot parents, a man nervously awaiting the death-prophecy of a matte black watch and a chubby moron who trades spiritual fulfillment for a jet ski. The black & white art is produced digitally, with the intention of evoking the grimy look of early Apple II graphics. (Readers take note: not a sprite comic.)

“I have cancer,” said Jolly. “I have cancer.”

Seeking comment, Fleen contacted Jolly for the following short interview:

Fleen: So, how’s that cancer coming along?
Jolly: Honestly, it bites.

Fleen also attempted to contact Cancer for a statement, but was unsuccessful at press time.

“Goldman’s art dealer describes the situation as “… with the Web, anybody can go out and ruin someone.â€? ”

Well, yeah, that seems to be *exactly* what Todd tried to do by stealing someone elses art.

Oh wait, was that out loud? =)

Hey, be careful, John. You might be ruining Todd or the dealer by being snarky like that.

Oh, god – I might be ruining you by saying that! Sorry!

Oh, lord – I might be ruining myself by admitting that I might be ruining you!

I see how that works…that art dealer sure sees da big picture…the truth will destroy people. Yeah.

to me, this quote from the article seems like the biggest piece of karmatic justice:

“Solomon said that several galleries stopped showing Goldman’s work. And the wholesalers who buy Goldman’s posters canceled their orders and asked for refunds for unsold stock.

“I lost the three biggest poster distributors in America, ” Solomon said. He wouldn’t say how much money he and Goldman may have lost.”

go internet!

Oh Solomon.

Cry me a large body of water.

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