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That’s MISTER Principal Tyrrell To You

There was possibly going to be a story here about webcomics gettin’ appropriated for a t-shirt, but the parties involved have resolved things amicably, so pas de drama. While I’m happy on the one hand for all involved, it robs me of the opportunity to whip up Goldmanesque levels of hype (along with my server stats). And since the Goldman story appears to be in a permanent holding pattern, we’re a little shy on news today.

It appears that I have been immortalized in pixels, so y’all can stop emailing me about it. For the record, I am honored, and my wife thinks it’s the funniest thing she’s seen. It was our wedding anniversary yesterday (which fact I believe was unknown to Superintendant Stevens), and this was a nice present to the both of us. And curiously enough, the young lady in the last panel bears a passing resemblance to my wife.

Speaking of anniversaries, yesterday was also the 1-year mark for Autumn Lake. It’s been around 13 years less than I’ve been married, but it’s got 100% more mesh trucker hats, so call it a tie.

Oh, and to keep Jamie ‘n’ Fred happy: Filth Hole.

You know, she does look a little like a high-school version of Mrs. Principal Tyrrell!

wow, looks like you completely missed Jamie ‘n’ Fred point.

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