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Marchin’ On

Any day that starts with an email from Scott McCloud (philosophical question: if McCloud ever gets a postage stamp, do you prefer Young Scott or Slightly Less Young Scott?) is probably gonna be pretty good. Let’s hear what the guy has to say:


31 states down, 19 to go! Starting May 1, The Making Comics Fifty State Tour moves into into its last third with stops in eight northern states and two Canadian cities.

Spanning thousands of miles, the long-anticipated “northern leg” is certain to be the biggest challenge yet faced by comics’ most adventurous family. The trip to and through Alaska in June will be over a thousand miles of driving alone!

Stops include lectures in Toronto ON, Sioux Falls SD, Portland OR, and Juneau AK; seminars in Portland and Alaska; and store signings and other events in Toronto ON, Detroit MI, Iowa City IO, Missoula MT, Moscow ID, Seattle WA, Vancouver BC and Portland OR.

Scott McCloud and his family continue to make waves at every stop, commanding strong attendance and, in some cases, standing-room only crowds. In the last eight weeks alone, four lectures (in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois) were packed to capacity and beyond. In one case, three overflow simulcast rooms were set up when the main hall was filled. In another, dozens of fans sat in the aisles or on the floor to hear McCloud.

Next stop, Free Comic Book Day at Green Brain Comics in Detroit (May 5) and Toronto for a lecture and store appearance at The Beguiling (May 6 and 7). Details at the Making Comics Tour Page.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the McCloud & Co. roadshow, definitely do so. And for God’s sake, look at that map — slip the family a couple of donuts for the ride or something.

In other news: Digger. 400 strips. Still my favorite wombat-themed comic, with unforetold levels of awesome every Tuesday and Thursday.

Finally, There are unconfirmed reports that the borders of Wheatonia are expanding. Citizens are urged to stay calm, and seek shelter behind plastic sheeting and duct tape.

What the hell state is ‘IO’? ;)

didn’t you hear? We annexed Saturn.

er… someone had posted before me. I’m sure of it.

… or I’m hallucinating and talking to myself.

writing to myself. Whatever.


No, you’re correct. Probably some fat-finger error on my part. I’ll see if I can restore it.

Edit: And there we go!

The Alaska leg of the trip has been a bit of a logistical adventure. Juneau, as you may know, is landlocked and they’ll have to pile on a ferry to get here with the car. Should be fun!


Y’know, I thought that “IO” looked wrong, but then never got around to fixing it.

So, yes… we now have to drive to the moons of Jupiter (not Saturn).. Almost as far as Alaska!

Curse my faulty knowldedge of stellar geography!

*shakes fist*

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