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Syndicated Velociraptor Networks On The Moon?

Still catching up on back correspondence, so please consider the following:

  • Nerdgod Randall Munroe has been invited to speak at MIT; they do seem to have a liking for webcomics there, don’t they?
  • 44 Union Avenue is a webcomic by Mike Witmer that I was not previously familiar with. Witmer’s a member of the Hyena Comics collective been self-syndicating to a few newspapers, and Witmer recently informed us that 44UA has been picked up by GoComics, in one of the web-syndication deals that we’ve seen a lot of lately. Wtimer reports that this deal allows him to do exactly as he’s been doing with respect to characters, archive (I’ve still got a year and a half’s worth to plow through at Witmer’s site) and merch; the only thing he can’t do is sell the strips to another online site without referring them to GoComics. Interesting deal, maybe a stepping stone to print syndication, and we’re going to keep our eye on it.
  • New Webcomic That Looks Interesting: Lunarboy by Jarrett Williams. I couldn’t say exactly why, but it puts me in mind of Scott Pilgrim, and that’s never a bad thing.
  • Continuing the Lunar Theme: Dan Scannell is putting out a minicomic, The Man On The Moon, to promote his webcomic. For two bucks (US), you really can’t go wrong.
  • Irregularly updated and only five installments so far, but Shallow Betties is apparently taking the University of Puerto Rico by storm. The interesting part here? Word about the comic is spreading mostly via Facebook, which opens up new questions in that discussion of social networking sites we had a little bit ago.
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