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Some Few Items Of Note

Our server logs show we’re running about ten times our normal pageviews thanks to the wanging we received; we haven’t had any server troubles, but if you have difficulty getting the site to load, do let us know. Also, apologies to any who’ve sent in items that would have appeared here, but were bumped due to the recent unpleasantness — if they aren’t time-dependent, we’ll do our best to run them. Now, we make with the links, you make with the clicks:

  • Cloudy did a soft launch at on Monday, but today he’s launched all official-like.
  • Ryan Sias is one of the nicest, goofiest guys I’ve met in webcomics (’cause hey — Ryan), and he’s been running some really nice guest strips this week at Silent Kimbly. Check ’em out.
  • If Mr T be for me, who can be against me?
  • Greg Carter has rebooted Abandon:

    Less than 10 pages of the current version are up at the moment. After creating almost 200 pages over the last three years, most of which will never again see the light of day, I decided practice time was over and now it’s the real thing. The kinks are worked out of the new ComicPress software so updates should even be on time now. And yes, my pretties, there will be printed collections. Floppy-style no less. Then annual(ish) graphic novel collections.

    Gutsy move with the archives, Greg; but you know what? I love that “practice time is over”. That’s the sort of declaration that tells me interesting things are gonna happen with this comic. And need I note that this is a perfect time for new readers to hop on board?

  • It’s an ill wind indeed that blows nobody any good, as the last great webcomics shitstorm and the current great webcomics shitstorm converge. Xuanwu writes:

    Thought you might like the news — In a rare moment of sense, Wikipedia has brought back the Purple Pussy article, thanks to the attention it got from the plagiarism.

    Of course, noted anti-webcomic deletionist Dragonfiend (she’s the one who attempted to get Checkerboard Nightmare and Girly deleted) tried to oppose the whole thing, but she was thoroughly smacked down when people reminded her that multiple coverage means notability, even in the strictest sense.

    So, thanks to Todd, Wiki’s webcomic coverage has been improved slightly and a noted deletionist idjit got her head handed to her. Not a bad silver lining!

Lightning Round, GO!

  • Nick Perkins!

    The author of Gothy McGee has a neato webcomic review blog, and I consented to be his first interviewee about my comic, Cooties. Check out the interview here. Thanks!

  • Dina Kelberman!

    look, i made them.

  • Al B. Moore!

    So am I allowed to just ask you to check out my web site? Specifically my comic Bug & Worm. This isn’t really a press release, but it is shameless…

Is Natalie Dee making a statement about Goldman here?

I forgot to add, that Natalies image is exactly like one of Goldmans stolen works, as documented on:

Thanks for the encouragement, Gary!

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