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Mark Your Calendars

A hearty welcome to any new readers directed here by Boing Boing (edit: and Penny Arcade); the stuff you’re looking for is thataway ↓.

From yesterday’s entry of the blog of the McCloud Family Intercontinental Vagabondage, courtesy of Ivy McCloud:

He signed and doodled on the copy of the book that Sky is having everyone sign for the CBLDF auction. He was Winterviewed (though, as always, Scott and I did not see any of it), we hung out with Lorraine while they were Winterviewing. He played us music on his cell phone.

For the record, “he” would be Neil Gaiman. This will be the first Winterview we’ve seen in some time, so here’s hoping that Sky’s laptop holds up to life on the road and that she can get it mixed down soon; I’ve got a feeling this is gonna be a good one.

In general tour news, this week’s stops in Illinois and Wisconsin will make 32 states + three countries visited since things kicked off back in September; 7½ months and untold miles on the odometer don’t seem to have any adverse effects on the Bravest Family in [web]Comics, so if you see ’em at one of the upcoming events, shake their hands for me.

My school won’t pay to have him come speak because there aren’t any classes when the McCloud’s are in town. Which is unfortunate, because we have a comic book library with tens of thousands of volumes and hundreds of fans. It would be great to have him come see that collection and give a talk. Alas… A lack of students means I’m going to have to go see him some other time when he’s in Portland.

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