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I think that everything I might have said about our current situation has been said by at least one of you; thanks for your support. Rest assured that words are being crafted with fine precision, honed to a razor’s edge, waiting only for the moment that they may be unleashed in a maelstrom of righteous justice.

In the meantime, the most sincere of thanks to all of you for your support, and please enjoy some happy fun webcomics!

  • Apparently taking the suggestion to mirror our content to heart, Jon Rosenberg has done so for at least one posting in teeny-weeny eyestrain-o-vision. The sentiment is appreciated.
  • Y’know, as long as I’ve been doing the webcomics hanger-on thing, I’ve never actually met the fabled Sam Brown, and am all but convinced that he doesn’t actually exist. But his talent and disembodied voice are available for your listening/viewing pleasure in pursuit of a good cause. Click to launch, dude.
  • Speaking of listening pleasure, check out Dave Kellett’s audio tour of Sheldon (scroll down jes’ a little); okay, it’s just him showing you ’round the features of his site, but for those of us that miss his regular Blank Label podcast, it’s nice to hear him again. Actually, I’d been kind of wondering which creator would get the idea to do something like this first, since recording quick podcasts is easy enough.

    The next logical step is DVD commentary-style tracks. I’ll throw out a suggestion: Kellett and the Unshelved guys should team up and give us the dirt on the now-famed Coffeelid Challenge. Gentlemens, let’s start quibbling.

  • Forthcoming merch sighting: Shortpacked announces pre-orders for the first book of David Willis’s toy-related strips. I’m hoping that the back cover contains at least one of the following quotes:
    1. I did your mom.
    2. I’m Batman.
    3. Whores whores whores whores.
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