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Could Be One Of Those “Good News/AWESOME News” Kind Of Days

Good news first: webcomics are gettin’ more respect than ever at the Eisners. We’ll start with the most obvious category, Best Digital Comic:

Interesting thing about the Sam & Max nod: you could almost consider the chapter-oriented game (and BONE, also from Telltale and the forthcoming PA game) to be a form of digital (playable) comics themselves. Interestingly, rumor is that the S&M people approached a pair of webcomics writers at SDCC last year to write for the series. They got blown off, but still, interesting.

Other webcomics-related nominations:

  • Mom’s Cancer, by Brian Fies (Abrams) for Best Reality-Based Work and Best Graphic Album—Reprint
  • American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang (First Second) for Best Graphic Album—New and Lark Pien for Best Coloring
  • ¡Journalista!, produced by Dirk Deppey (Fantagraphics)
    for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism;Deppey has had a “digital comics” section from day one of the blog’s revival

Some good stuff here, and it’s worth noting that webcomics (or webcomics-related items) aren’t just getting shovelled off to the side; they’re getting nominated in the regular categories alongside traditional works. And all this in a year that didn’t see a new Flight anthology, so just wait ’til next year to see a bunch more web creator names on the nominations list.


They still refuse to acknowledge my artistic genius!

oh. Right…

I’m really happy that most of the digital nominees are comics that we don’t hear about too much but that really deserve the recognition. Way to go guys!

I’ve loved Minus for years now. He use to advertise on my site early on and I knew immediately it was something special. I think it deserves to win.

Although, GODDAMN, I haven’t checked out Brad’s strip there, and it’s got a real old school Eisner “every day” stories type feel to it. I say Brad and Minus arm wrestle for it!

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