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Holy Mother Of Crap, Sports Night Doesn’t Really Exist?

Of course, all that creamy, Wheatony goodness (and I can tell you truly that I never in my life thought I’d type those words) portends ominously for webcomics. Recall our discussion on webcomics and St Elsewhere from last year? Well, consider this (found via the TV Tropes webpage, which has branched into webcomics as well; please note our description there — I’m so proud).

Scared? Hell, that diagram isn’t even complete! Wings will connect you to Duckman, for crying out loud. Now consider:

  1. ST:TNG is linked to the St. Elsewhere/Homicide:Life On The Street axis;
  2. St. Elsewhere never happened

Conclusion: ST:TNG never happened. QED.

In a similar vein:

  1. Overcompensating portrayed the death of the Universe;
  2. Contrary to T Campbell’s fears, Jeff Rowland isn’t a real person, so no carryover to our existence;
  3. BUT Wil Wheaton is a real person, and has appeared in Overcompensating and multiple other webcomics;
  4. Those webcomics are linked to each other in a chain of reference that makes the St.E/H:LOTS axis look simple and untangled

Conclusion: at the very least, Wil Wheaton is imaginary (and from there it looks pretty bad for the rest of humanity). T-Rex’s antisolipsist theory may be true after all? This spells doom for all of webcomics, with the possible exception of Filth Hole.

Which makes it almost a moot point, but Shishio from One Liners writes to inform us of a new collective launching today:

Intravenous Comics launches today.

IV Comics was originally founded in October 2006 by Shishio, Kevin Sanchez, Lando Fitzgerald, Phillip Seals, and Nick Wright. The group has been live since February, but now that everything is finalized to everyone’s liking, the group is making it official.

Current members and their comics are:

Shishio and -U!: One-liners

Phillip Seals and KL Sanchez: Steve and Mac

Nick Wright: Treading Ground

Henshin: Henshin does not have a comic of his own, but he has worked with Shishio on some guest strips for Treading Ground, (He also did a few on his own.) and one for Yirmumah! He also created the Intravenous Comics mascot.

John Keogh, David Rothlein, and Ross Armstrong: Lucid TV

Keryn Everett: Brink

Kate Lin: Institute of Metaphysics

(Lando has since left the group to pursue other venues.)

The Intravenous Comics website also has a sampler page for our readers’ convenience. All the group’s members have selected five or six of their best strips/pages to familiarize new readers with their comics.

I like that last point a lot — the sampler page is a terrific idea, and I’m surprised that every collective doesn’t do it. One question remains, though — as recently as ten minutes ago, Shishio’s (former?) collective, Bomb Shelter, listed him as a member. With the membership status question sitting there, those with knowledge of the situation are encouraged to comment and fill us in. Shishio, asked for comment¹, replied:

Aw, what the hell does it matter? All that work, the sample page, we were gonna get groupies, and now it’s all shot because webcomics don’t exist anymore. Thanks a lot, Wheaton!

Similarly, Sugarskull introduces three new comics this week, so be sure to check out First Kingdom (zombies!), Goldenbird (Jazz Age!) and SPQR Blues (decadent Roman fish-pickle sauce!).

¹ Not really.

That sounds like something I would say. Prior to killing Wheaton for destroying my dreams.

…Assuming we’re all not imaginary.

In all seriousness, I am still a member of Bomb Shelter Comics.

Thank you for posting my press release.

Just wanted to let you know that the “antisolipsism” in the webcomic I did today—at
–yeah, I did link to Dinosaur comics’ comments on same, but I found it because of this article here in Fleen.

So thanks.


Zombie Lincoln made that picture, guys.

Can you at least credit him?

needs more credits.


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