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All I Want Today Is Cute, Please

On a recommendation from the fella who creates the charming High Maintenance Machine, I finally checked out Sarah Morean’s comics. I was given a lovely little business card with 3 stamps on it: one a web address in blue, a red squid, and the word “comix” stamped out in little black letters. The web address led to a little treasure trove of choices. Turns out that Sarah Morean’s not just someone who crafts webcomics and zines–she’s a musician and a crafter as well. She’s got a few different projects posted, including Old Timey, which is produced for a museum newsletter.

Her work–the one I’m looking at the most, Plastic Frames, which she describes as “diary gag sketchbook comics”– varies. Sometimes what she posts is very political and at times it’s totally introspective. Sometimes her images remind me a little of Natalie Dee’s work. Sometimes they’re single panel minimalist images and at other times longer works, or very detailed. Sometimes black and white, sometimes color, it’s impossible to predict what will come next. Some images, like the one above, are simply heartbreaking. Some are just goofy. And you folks who like print also, take note: you can get her work in print form (including her recently self-published book Human which is gaining great reviews).

Sarah Morean’s work wasn’t quite what I imagined when I thought about what I was looking for this week, but I’m fond of it anyway. I’ve been staying away from the internet lately for obvious reasons. When I was in college, nearly fifteen years ago, something quite like what happened this week happened on my campus. So I wanted something cute for this week’s column, something that would cheer me up. I’m glad, though, that I found something that wasn’t just cute, something that had a little more depth and range to it. (So instead, forgive my brevity, and check out some beautiful, weird webcomics.)

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