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Quick notes before the main feature:

Now, to business. We’ve spoken previously about the prevalence of crossovers and cameos in webcomics; mostly it’s individual characters migrating to other strips for a hearty laugh-chuckle. Sometimes it’s cameos of real people.

Sometimes, it’s former teen idol and geekly author Wil Wheaton.

Seriously, is there anybody that gets cameoed as much as Wil? Off the top of my head, you’ve got Goats (both oblique and direct references), Overcompensating, a Rich Stevens sketchblog entry, Questionable Content (textual only), and Dork Tower (maybe a cheat since it was initially created for print). Add in another print comic reference here and one forthcoming here, and you have the beginnings of a movement.

So the question is, what is it about Wheaton that makes him so [web]comickable? Seriously, I’m puzzled here, because crossing Wheaton with webcomics opens up all of reality as we know it to possible extinction. More on that tomorrow.

Because he’s Wil Wheaton. What other reason do you need?

I might also point out that Wil Wheaton’s criminal doppelganger earlier appeared in version 1 of the comic Man-Man (still ongoing at! Porn free since 2001!), which is also created by Matt Shepherd, author of Dead Eyes Open.

I don’t know about the rest of webcomickdom, but clearly Mr. Shepherd has a Wheaton obsession.

Wil isn’t just an actor/writer, he’s a fan too. That’s just so cool that he’s so accessible.

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