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Table of Malcontents (formerly the blog of some guy with sunglasses and booze) entertains with a story of meeting Todd Goldman in person. Reading this makes me believe that Toddster (not to be confused with The Todd) really could have been the one to send that deranged email. Slightly related: Chris Jeffrey at Cartridge Comics has just wrapped up a five-day bundle of contempt for Goldman. So, open question #1: does mocking Goldman ever get old? Discuss.

Open question #2 comes from Shishio (who, by the bye, is a collective-mate of Jeffrey):

Hey, I’m looking for any research on the ability of comics to improve literacy. If you or anyone on your staff knows of any good papers, studies, etcetera, (I imagine Anne will.) I would be most grateful if you could point me their way.

Damn good question, Shishio. Off the top of my head, there was the story about the New Haven Free Public Library, detailed here. Anybody else know of specific programs? Comment thread is right down thataway.

The Kea is back to webcomics blogging; maybe not forever, but anything he brings to the table is worth a gander; speaking of the Antipodes, Gavin Aung Than wrote to point us towards his comic, Dan and Pete; it appears weekly in The Sunday Times, Perth, Oz, and Gav has put it on the web for all to enjoy. Hats off to the editors of The Sunday Times for not standing in Than’s way — I’m sure it will garner far more readers now that it’s more easily accessible. Thus, open question #3: is everything made better by the presence of Aussies and/or Kiwis? Cite examples and show your work.

not sure if this has made the rounds, but TG’s quote on this article is amazingly lame:

“This is just a bunch of hater artists trying to take me down. I’m not an online Web guy. I’m not trying to rip people off. I work with a team of artists at David & Goliath. We create thousands of designs.�

It’s always someone else’s fault is it Todd?

I think everyone’s giving Todd for too much of a hard time. After all, he’s just a talentless, child-minded hack whose parents never taught him that it’s wrong to steal How else is someone so obviously lacking in imagination going to make the money he clearly deserves from hours of scouring the internet, finding things that aren’t really in the pulic eye but good enough for people to buy them? He’s not even smart enough to have one response for this accusation, I’ve seen at least 3 contradicting ones. Pity the stupid, spoiled, lost child.

[…] Eric Kansa wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHats off to the editors of The Sunday Times for not standing in Than’s way — I’m sure it will garner far more readers now that it’s more easily accessible. Thus, open question #3: is everything made better by the presence of Aussies … […]

In response to open question number two, I can say that after reading that article about the New Haven Library using comics for literacy teaching, I went into my 4th/5th grade class the next day, deleted the text from a bunch of my strips, copied them and let the kids have at ’em. And lo and behold, not only did they love it (duh), but the one kid in my class who wouldn’t pick up a pencil for the life of him (he’s autistic and it’s actually in his file to accommodate him by writing what he speaks) filled in strip after strip. It truly was amazing.

…and I’ll be using the technique for years to come.

[…] It’s entirely possible that accomplished plagiarist and scumbag Todd Goldman, recently seen ripping off online cartoonist Dave Kelly, has never created an original concept in his entire career. Seriously, this is the most comprehensive catalog of thievery I’ve yet seen, and it just… never… ends…! (Link trail: Gary Tyrrell ← Eliza Gauger.) […]

As for Question #3:

I’ll just say that the Daily Grind Contest would’ve defintely been much the poorer without the contributions of Mr. Grug and Mr. Sorocuk, both of them Aussie by nature.


Wow, that Las Vegas Sun article is a real piece of work…

“By Friday evening dozens of bloggers had chimed in. The attacks are brutal. One blogger wrote: “Sue him for all he’s worth, plus 1 cent. Then he’ll be your slave forever.” Others called for Goldman’s head.”

I like how she mentions the stupid stuff that was said, but none of the intelligent stuff.

“The flap could boost his career. In Goldman-like fashion he is now selling T-shirts of the original design on his Web site.”

This makes it sound like Kelly is just trying to cash in on this.

In response to question 1: Maybe someday, but not yet.

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