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In Non-Theft-Related Webcomics News

Some things threatening to get lost in the shuffle, so let’s take a few minutes to send some love in deserving directions:

  • Today’s Little Dee (only good for 30 days, it’ll be in Baldwin’s archive eventually Now in Baldwin’s archive!): oh hell, yes. Hey, newspaper editors? This is what you want in lieu of BC cut-and-paste jobs.
  • Lauren O’Neal has made a webcomic as a final project for a class. First of all, mad props to whichever professor at Stanford accepts webcomics as final projects. Second, O’Neal would like to apologize for the ugly URL; I wasn’t going to pay to host a final project, you know? No worries, Lauren, but if you create any more webcomics in the future, check out the hosting services.
  • Okay nerds, ‘fess up — you’ve been arguing over whether or not female dwarves have beard since you first read LOTR in Junior High School. Answer: yes. Now get to work on the whole Balrogs/wings thing.
  • You can never have too many dinosaurs; the tall one looks like a cross between late-Cretaceous hadrosaurs and dragon-man Trogdor. He also quotes The Princess Bride, so that’s all right.
  • And from Chris Jones, news that Neil Swaab’s Rehabilitating Mr Wiggles is moving to a new domain by name of I’m actually getting an error when using that address, but I’m sure it’ll just take a day or two to propagate the address. Then 400+ strips of psychotic teddy bear love will be all yours.
  • Okay, a little Goldman-related: Two Lumps adds their two cents today, and Penny Arcade may be stepping into the ring as well (but we’ll have to wait for Tycho’s post to load to get the full impact).
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