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Anybody Know Their Way Around Section 501(c)(3)?

Per William G‘s suggestion here (and related suggested in the SA forum thread), there appears to be a desire for setting up a legal attack fund for Dave Kelly to take out Todd Goldman’s kneecaps in a proper fashion.

Anybody know anybody with the expertise to set such a thing up? On behalf of Fleen, I’m pledging $200 (US) to any such fund that Kelly acknowledges.

I can’t give you any legal advise, but has anyone contacted the CBLDF about this? This type of case seems to be right up their alley.

It would really have to be something that Dave (or Dave’s lawyer) started, though, in order to ensure that donations go to the right people. Wouldn’t it? I’m not entirely sure how these things work, but I think third-party legal funds veer into sketchy territory, even when set up by well-meaning folk.

I’m only a law student, but I have a few ideas…

1. Contact the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
– They’re going to be the best equipped to deal with a situation such as this, being a non-profit designed to deal with matters such as these.

2. Dave can set up a PayPal account.

3. Decide whether this is worth a lawsuit.
– Lawsuits are very, very, very expensive. Not to mention, what could Dave get back from this? The cost of the painting… an injunction against Goldman plus some damages? In the end, the suit itself might be more expensive than any possible reward.

I made a suggestion on my blog that Dave Kelly hire a cheap, dirty, ambulance chaser of a lawyer since they have a great history of playing dirty against the rich, and promise the guy whatever settlement may come about.

My goal would be to humiliate or embarrass the guy who stole from me. I wouldn’t care about any possible future money.

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