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Apparently, There Is Such A Thing As Bad Publicity

As he said he would here, Sean Conchieri got in touch with Juxtapoz magazine, which is all about the art. They took an interest in the Goldman theft story, and hours later: front page.

Helpfully, they link to a site that’s set up to bring attention to just this sort of situation:, which you ought to bookmark. Because when this is over and done, and Goldman is revealed for what he is, there will be others out there ready to rip off other webcomic creators, and other artists of all stripes.

This little incident has shown that we in webcomics look out for one of our own (even when, as several people have said, they have had criticisms of Kelly), but we need to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. When this happens again (and it will), raise a ruckus whether it’s a webcomic getting stolen or not.

And because Dave “Shmorky” Kelly deserves to be the one to benefit from his creative endeavors, buy his shirt. Kelly never wanted to commercialize Purple Pussy, but showing that his work has value is helpful as he pursues Goldman.

A li’l update.

Todd Goldman is now having form letters sent to people who wrote to his company about the theft. In them, he admits he took Dave Kelly’s work.. and them calls him a furry pedophile, among other things.

I was certain this was just someone from 4chan or somewhere finding a goon’s email and playing a joke, but no, this is coming from Todd’s SMTP server.

Holy fucking fuckity fuck.

Wauugh. Sorry about that long URL. I didn’t know it would do that,

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