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Magically Delicious!

Mike Russell of Culture Pulp has an interview with Brendan Douglas Jones, creator of Breakfast of the Gods, in two flavors: handy webcomic form, or complete text. Hey, Brendan? When I was a kid, there was this Ralston-Purina (!) produced cereal that had a “moon critters” theme … is that them in the tree at the funeral?

New PvP: The Series out, complete with cameo by Scott’s Dad. It’s starting to find its rhythm, and it’s weirdly reminding me of an animated show called UnderGRADS, which ran frequently on Canadian cable but pretty much never in its native US. Anyway, I liked that show which bodes well for PvP:TS.

And that’s it for now; it’s the weekend and I gots some serious relaxin’ to do. Enjoy yours, see you on Monday.

I don’t know what cereal they were from, but I remember those guys too. I had toys.

I had an aunt that worked for whichever ad agency had the account for that cereal, so I had as much of the cereal as I could eat and all the toys. Wonder where they wound up.

They look like “Freakies” to me..

Undergrads was one of my favorite shows too.

Freakies for the win, Mr. Chang.

I’m just hoping Quisp makes an appearance.

Hey Gary,

As everybody’s already pointed out, the guys in the tree are, indeed, the Freakies. They weren’t from the moon, however, so maybe you’re remembering another cereal (there were plenty in the early ’70s that featured space and moon-themed characters). Ralston did do the Freakies, but also a cereal called “Moonstones.” Check it out on Topher’s invaluable site here:

In the meantime, stay tuned for future installments of BOTG (which very likely will feature a couple of well-loved characters whose names begin with Q).

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