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Those Are Eths, Not Partial Derivatives

Item 1: Sinister Bedfellows is taking a ten week hiatus so that creator mckenzee can launch a new project: C∂ulhuvi∂a. This project is an automatic win for several reasons:

  1. It’s a Norse/Lovecraft mashup
  2. It features non-Latin characters in the name
  3. It’s produced from linoblock prints

Ha! Try doing that in Photoshop or Poser!

Item 2: Updating the question of the editorial cartoons in The Onion, a definitive take on the story is found in the LA Times, via a link by The Comics Curmudgeon. Good reading.

Items 3a and 3b: If you’re a fan of fumetti (as all right-thinking people are), then browse your way to Telling Tall Tales. Slackers! Oregon! Mutants! Okay, mutant, singular, but it’s a key point. And this is even more key — TTT held off on launch until there were 28 comics to put up, so first-day readers could get good ‘n’ hooked; that’s some pretty smart thinkin’, there.

Similarly, how about some complete webomics short stories from Fortune Cookie Press? The art reminds me a bit of the tragically-unfinished Return to Sender, but I couldn’t exactly say why. Anyway, check ’em out.

Just for clarification, do you mean “right-thinking” as in “people who are politically conservative in their thoughts” or as in “people who think correctly.”

One of those is hilarious, and the other makes sense. I just want to know which angle you were aiming for.

Huh, they do look like partial derivatives.

[…] mad genius behind Sinister Bedfellows, mckenzee, has sent me PDFs of his C∂ulhuvi∂a project, and news of a C∂ulhuvi∂a book available at Lulu. Still waiting to hear back if […]

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