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Items Of Note On A Drizzly Wednesday

Just when I think that Achewood can’t get any more unpredictable, Ray throws a line like There is no false power in the universe at us. If you had told a younger me that on a daily basis I’d be eagerly awaiting updates on a comic strip featuring Simon Cowell and gay porn movies made by cats and teddy bears, I’d have backed away slowly while maintaining a non-threatening demeanor. I ♥ <silhouette of Chris Onstad’s head>. Also, Ray’s hair.

Is this the highest webcomics character cameo density ever? I counted eleven, not including Homer.

Newly enshrined ‘Merican Andy Bell has several art show on tap in a few weeks, one featuring a variety of toy-themed artists taking a whack at his 19″ ZLIKS figures. Cool photos here and here and here. I can’t speak for all the shows and events listed on Bell’s page, but the ones where he’s the feature attraction usually have free beer so go, enjoy, and buy something.

The thing is, today’s Sheldon would work as a traditional newspaper-style strip if you just included the middle tier of panels, but adding the top & bottom? Comedic gold. Also, that bit in the top panel, Copy-right 1955 has a nice newsreel feel to it, like the odd hyphens you used to see from the late lamented T Herman Zweibel (possibly a relation to the early and no-need-to-lament T Campbell). Here’s hoping that Dave Kellett takes more opportunities to do things like this, now that he has no more corporate overseers restricting his panel dimensions and beating his children with stacks of coffee cup lids.

And because I love you people, there’s a bonus review just down there. You’re welcome.

Oh come on, drawing some kind of collectibles shop is really cheating when it comes to webcomics character cameo density. I did like Amy calling it “a treasure trove of utter shit.” Oh snap!

I consider it a compliment that none of my characters were included!

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