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What You Get For Being A Nerd

Lots of stuff coming up this week — a new Guest Column, a review of a new-to-me webcomic, plus whatever zaniness crops us this week. But there are few things to discuss first:

  1. Lore Sjoberg has been on a bit of a hiatus from his Flash-animated series Sean and Wormwood (the friendly Satanists) over at Bad Gods. Mostly, it’s down to not being able to make the voices sound right when he’s in one place and his fellow actor is elsewhere.

    So Lore‘s experimenting with different forms, including pure webcomic and close-captioned. Check ’em out, let him know what you like (and if there’s anybody alive that knows what geeks and nerds are like, it’s Lore)

  2. There was a spot to find lots of webcomickers on Saturday, besides Seattle. The famed Peculier Pub was home to such luminaries as Andy Bell, Meredith Gran, Chris Hastings, Rich Stevens, and honoree Jon Rosenberg, in honor of the 10th Anniversary Party of Goats.

    Alas, fellow Goater (and Fleen publisher) Phillip Karlsson was not able to attend for very good reasons, which he should be sharing with us shortly. In any event, for being a nerd and appealing to nerds, Mr Rosenberg was treated to adoration, fannish behavior, and shots.

  3. To round out today’s theme: that image up there is 20 American dollars that the funniest man alive paid me (I answered an open call for a “nerd”) to fix his laptop’s printer drivers. If I had kids, I’d make them compete with each other for my affections to decide who to leave it to.

Now that is a nice $20 bill! I’ve only ever given money to David Sedaris. Getting money from him is much cooler.

[…] Later that night, I fixed the printer driver on his Macbook and he paid me twenty dollars. […]

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