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The Awesomest Email I’ve Ever Gotten On A Wednesday

Semi-rhetorical question: What’s cooler than a Ryan? How about a Ryan that you can send on missions? Ryan Estrada may not realize what he’s letting himself in for:

Okay, so CAD and PVP have been adapted into an animated series, along with others … but if a journal comic is adapted into a live-action series, does that count as a webcomic adaptation? Or is it just a videoblog? I dunno, I’m asking!

But my Adventures comics have now become The Ryan Estrada Expeditions. A weekly video series where people send me missions, and I travel the world completing them. I’ve got a 24-hour adventure hotline set up, as well as an e-mail adress for people to send me missions. New episodes every Monday here.

I’m planning a big cross country road trip/film shoot across South India this weekend, and I’m looking for more missions! They can be sent to ryan {commercial at} ryanestrada {full stop} com, or left on my adventure voicemail at 1 (696) 593-RYAN.

I think the first question we all have right now is, Why don’t I have an adventure voicemail?, but we all know the answer to that: because we’re boring and we suck compared to a Ryan. But the second (and much more pertinent) question is surely, What should I ask Ryan Estrada to do? If you need inspiration, check out a prior missions webcomic (Interesting thought — does this now constitute a new genre? Discuss.) but don’t expect as many Klingons to show up in South India as in Tokyo.

Yeah, when I first heard that he went around doing this, I was floored. Being able to legitimately label oneself an adventurer is all sorts of awesome.

That is pretty cool!

If Ryan runs into any Klingons, I hope they’re the ones with the bumpy heads and not the ones from TOS. They were just Space Mexicans.

Everybody knew it.

The only thing that can ruin something as awesome as having an Adventure Hotline, is when you’ve had it for 2 months and NO ONE HAS USED IT!

PS If I find any Klingons in South India, they’re totally getting their own episode.

Ryan, I told you a 1-900 Adventure Hotline would never work. You need to get with the times and make with the sexy talk.

No one’s ever called it, so how do you know I don’t? Mrowr!

PS the Adventure Hotline is a SkypeIn number in California that redirects to my laptop. Why CA? It’s the only state that had a number ending in RYAN

The concept reminds me of the moruskine project some german guy did on Livejournal, comicing the adventures people told him to engage in during a year in Japan.

Totally cool concept and a great way for people to live vicariously.

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