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Wiki Issues Just Keep Comin’

More commentary on the latest webcomics/Wikipedia interaction, from Rich Stevens this time:

Tonight’s comic is a shout out to all the people in webcomics who have been targeted for deletion on Wikipedia recently. There seems to be a pretty big bias over there against the legitimacy and relevance of web-based strips, which strikes me as pretty goony for a non-official encyclopedia with enough room to include every obscure topic in the universe.

If I had it my way, I’d yank my own article and be blissfully nonexistent along with a ton of cartoonists I respect.

(Seriously, who makes a to-do list out of deciding if someone else is worthwhile or not? Just glancing at this list, I see five quality strips with strong fanbases.)

Although, from my reading, Rich may have misidentified a Wikieditor for scorn; it appears that the user in question is only cleaning up the formatting of the Webcomics section and not participating in the actual deletes:

You deleted White Ninja?? What the hell is wrong with you? *Also OverCompensating?? What is your problem, and where do you get the right?*

Honestly, why this obsession with deleting perfectly viable webcomic entries? Are you looking for an endlösung to the comic question?

If so, thank you User:BradBeattie! But learn from the mistakes of others (including myself) and try not to get too mad. It hasn’t done any good, and it can drive you to make poor choices.

So let us turn instead to things that are awesome, like today’s Scary Go Round. Whatever you think of his writing, his varying art styles, or the very singular voice of his strip, John Allison never phones it in. He creates details unnecessary for the gag or the plot, but which add richness to this story’s world.

Case in point: Moon’s sweater, which is well-worn, has lost the elastic at cuffs and neck, and is torn at the lower hem. It’s the sort of detail that your eye just takes in and rolls around it for a while, and later your eye has a satisfied look and smokes a cigarette.

When reading the AFD pages, I clearly see that user saying that these pages should be deleted.

That’s because it’s a vote, but not really, kinda, but sort of is; but it’s more of a discussion, and the public is encouraged to participate, but not really, sort of, a little, yes, no, hello, goodbye.

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