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We’ve Been Wanting A Kellett-Involved Steel Cage Deathmatch For Like A Year Now

Who would have thought it would finally come at the hands of a mild-mannered strip about mild-mannered librarians, created in part by a real-life mild-mannered librarian? Gonna be somebody’s ass gets whooped on this one. And as we all know, when webcomics creators fight, it gets ugly.

In other news:

  • That’s pretty goddamn weak.
  • Is this a new thing? Paul Southworth and Kris Straub are selling t-shirts they designed; nothing weird about webcomicists doing that. But they’re doing so via Scott Kurtz‘s webporium. As Southworth explained to me, he came up with a shirt that fit Kurtz’s audience better than his own, so they’re running it in Kurtz’s store and splitting the profits. If anybody’s seen this kind of merchandise partnering before, let me know.
    Edit: Just to be clear, Southworth described the arrangement as, I had a design, and Scott had the audience and means to sell it. Everybody wins! No criticism of the arrangement should be taken from this item — we’re just curious if anybody else has tried this sort of co-branding.
  • 1000 strips and a coloring contest? Nice. Just remember to stay inside the lines, or God will send you to hell.
  • Okay, maybe not directly related to webcomics, but who among us could turn down the chance to bid on history? Anybody here that wasn’t somehow inspired by at least the first six episodes of Ren & Stimpy?
  • ….all that guitar needs is a bright, shiny, CANNNNDY-LIKE BUTTON…

    About the tee shirts.

    Part of Kris moving to Dallas is establishing reliable revenue streams for him. Kris can sell that Kitt tee shirt on his own and deal with inventory and shipping, or he can let me sell it via thinkgeek, let them handle all the fulfillment and I’ll just give him all the money it earns. The Kitt shirt is Kris’ design.

    With the Awesomemobile shirt, that was me trying to keep Southworth from throwing away that shirt by giving it to threadless. This way, he earns money for the shirt and still owns it.

    I just want to make sure everyone knows that I’m not trying to screw anyone out of anything. I’m not sure if Fleen was trying to imply that.

    I’m trying to help the guys out. I got the infastructure, and their designs help bring people to my store, so it’s a win for everyone.

    Rest assured, Kurtz detractors one and all; if Awesomemobile wasn’t in the ThinkGeek store, I’d be hard-pressed to sell enough to power my laptop for long enough to post this comment.

    As far as I’m concerned, Scott is doing me a favor by “lending” me his audience, and anyone who says otherwise will surely taste the back o’me hand.

    I think that’s pretty cool. It’s gotta be a hell of a better deal than Cafepress and other print on order sites. I hope you sell a bundle, Southworth.

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