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Rhymes With Molasses

Boy on a Stick and Slither creator Steven Cloud is getting some page space over at, the web arm of United Features Syndicate. It looks like BOASAS will be joining the syndicate in some capacity, on account of it says, “coming soon!” and everything.

Except, Cloud informs Fleen, he hasn’t signed anything yet.

To clarify things, Cloud and UFS have been in discussion for a web-only syndication deal (the sort of thing we’ve seen before), but no final agreement has yet been reached.

It’s a shame that Cloud wasn’t able to announce any (potential) agreement in his own way, and Fleen hopes that he is able to come to terms that are amenable to his interests without undue pressure. Fleen also hope that Cloud gets to dope slap a syndicate suit for jumping the gun on the announcement. More on the deal (and slapping) as it develops.

wow. finally!


I just spoke to everyone involved on the phone- this was just someone who works on the (ridiculously complicated) website accidentally making BOASAS “live” instead of being for internal testing only.

Tempest in a teacup! Not to mention somewhat positive, as far as it means they’re pretty eager to get Steven started on the site.

Yes, except that they haven’t taken it down!

Call me a strategist but the longer they leave it up, the more likely it seems they’d have to give Steven a contract. Wouldn’t you think?

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