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So it’s not going to be Dick & Fart, LLC after all. Dang. But the offices of the new Scott & Kris show promise to have the highest Aviator density this side NASA in the Apollo days.

Fashion eyewear aside,this venture brings to mind some curious possibilities about how webcomickry collectives (and business relationships) overlap and intersect in various ways: Starslip Crisis is part of Halfpixel, and also part of Blank Label Comics, but the rest of Halfpixel is not part of Blank Label; neither is PvP, but PvP: The Series is (in conjunction with Blind Ferret Entertainment) and also, presumably, part of Toon Hound Studios (but not Toonhound Studios); Toon Hound (but not Toonhound) has a relationship with Image; plus it (that would be Halfpixel again) has a store, which may or may not sell the products of any/all of the above.

From a corporate standpoint there’s a chance that if Kurtz and/or Straub gets hit by a bus, the lawyers are going to be teasing apart the interests for the next decade. So let’s just call it a way for a couple of friends to be able to work together; given all that the two accomplish already, picking themselves up and going to a separate place to work (rather than working from their respective homes) has the potential to explode their productivity. Either way, Fleen offers a hearty welcome to the new Halfpixel.

Speaking of The Onion, “Ordway” writes wanting to know what’s up with the editorial cartoon that’s been running in that hallowed paper for the past six months or so. It’s garnered much consternation, although I would have thought that it was obviously a parody of a bad editorial cartoon. All the cliches are there, from clumsy “jokes” to marginal art to the fetish for labelling everything. I mean seriously — labelling a pair of underwear as “underwear”? It’s a spoof, people. Although I must confess, if I open the paper and don’t see a crying Statue of Liberty, my day is a little sadder.

And you know whose work appears in The Onion? David Malki !. It’s old news by now but if you hadn’t heard, Lynn Johnston isn’t retiring after all. Instead, she’ll turn FBOFW into a permanent clip show, which is a terminally depressing thought. Johnston’s real reason for bowing out:

I could not sustain a gag a day strip (daily). Because if you’re doing the kind of work that is gag-a-day, eventually you’re going to have to work with writers. One brain cannot come up with a gag a day.

As Malki ! wrote in response to Johnston’s difficulty thinking up one joke per day: I’m sure she didn’t MEAN to insult hundreds of comics writers she’s never heard of (not to mention plenty of her syndicated colleagues), but I think she kinda did. More than that, she’s keeping new creators from having a shot at the 2000+ papers she runs in now, which is an additional kick in the teeth to hundreds more writers she’s never heard of.

Finally, I can’t tell you how many times I wish I had balls this big.

Clarify the quoting a little, wouldja? You make it seem like I’m the one tossing out the insult.

That was kind of unclear, wasn’t it? Cheerfully redone.

The original version still shows on the LJ feed.

Sounds like her daily comic regimen must consist of Garfield.

[…] Item 2: Updating the question of the editorial cartoons in The Onion, a definitive take on the story is found in the LA Times, via a link by The Comics Curmudgeon. Good reading. […]

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