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Press Release Day

Señor McCloud’s Happy Fun Comics Talking rolls into Indianapolis tonight, and to celebrate the local daily talks webcomics. One reader-submitted comment that caught my eye included this bit of encouragement:

Here’s to the new freedom of the web, where success isn’t measured by corporate suits, but by the quality and creativity of the cartoonists willing to work hard for their fans.

It’s mostly a surface discussion (and highlights the Star‘s predilection for finding a local angle in everything), but it’s also probably the first time that a lot of people have heard of webcomics, so yay.

In other news, it’s Press Release Day ’round here:

The lads at Unshelved, perhaps taking a cue from their fellow Washingtonians, have become the second (to my knowledge) (edit: looks like third, at least — see comments for more info) webcomic to get themselves a dedicated business strategist. No electronic version I can find, but the short version is:

Jim Demonakos brings a variety of experiences to this newly created position. Most recently he was Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Image Comics…. Demonakos is also organizer of Seattle’s immensely successful Emerald City ComiCon, and owner of the Comic Stop chain of comic book stores in the Seattle area.

I’m guessing this means that Unshelved gets a good booth at Emerald City.

Next up, Howard Tayler lets us know that his next book will go back to the early days of Schlock, when his art was, um, rougher than it is today. Thus, he’s looking to pretty things up a bit:

I’m looking for guest artists for the next Schlock book. I know that lots of webtoonists might be interested in this opportunity. I make no promises about inclusion, obviously. Still, the way I count it there is room for at least 20 guest pieces, including a full-page piece or two (assuming something worthy shows up.) The details are here.

At Onezumi, there’s a new art blog called Onezumiverse. And over Ugly Hill way, the previously-referenced Medieval Friday t-shirts have made an appearance. In fact, they may be sold out by the time you read this, so be certain to let Paul Southworth know if he needs to do another print run.

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Just wanted to add that Randy Waxman has been doing the business side of things for over 2 years, for LICD, LFG and of course everything Blind Ferret.

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