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Gotcher Clever Title Here, Bunky

Million things to do before I get on a plane tomorrow; next week’s updates at odd times due to time zone shifts.

Heh, “T-shrit”.

Oh Ryan, how we love him, but he must be the worst sprellr ever. Sometimes after deciphering an e-mail from him, I wonder if English isn’t his first language.

Now go get some cute-astic Tenderness shirts! Or a TendNerness one. =D

Tsk Tsk… shameful! And disappointing!

Not the t-shirt, Ryan. I was, of course, referring to myself.

Plane trip? Did you score tickets to the Anna Nicole funeral?


As always, you are the awesome.

“So, pointing out the flaws in a system by exploiting them is “deeply immoralâ€?, and “shameful and disappointing.â€? Good to have that cleared up, Jimbo.”

Speaking as a neophyte webcomicker and someone with no connection Wikipedia at all… I think Wales is unequivocably in the right. Listing webcomics is not a part of Wikipedia’s ‘thing’.

Throwing a shit-fit over that is stupid. Deliberately breaking one of Wikipedia’s fundamental rules (that’s the ‘immoral and shameful’ bit) over it is stupid. Please, please stop fanning this ‘controversy’. Please stop embarrassing webcomis in the eyes of absolutely everyone else.

From Part 2:

“Wikipedia can rightly delete a poorly sourced article on a blog with 2.4 million monthly readers that has The Washington Post as a source, yet somehow non-webcomics bloggers seem to be able to avoid being overly dramatic about it.”

Ninjacrat, you’re correct.

But because of the geek group think has reared it’s ugly head again, your criticisms of Straub’s attention-seaking wiki-trolling will fall upon deaf ears. Don’t waste your time.

You’re wrong WILLIAM. This wikipedia people are more evil than Osama bin Hitler.

An encyclopedia that doesn’t have a detailed entry on Kit ‘n Kay Boodle is NO ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MINE!

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