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News And Prenouncements

And an uncomfortable observation at the end. You have been warned.

  • There’s a new design over at the Dayfree Press site, which includes a new sketchblog.
  • Alien Loves Predator creator Bernie Hou would like you to check out his new (previously hinted-at) project: The Burgg. Much like Time Friends, this one is driven by readers — do up some art that depicts a movie scene, post it, and people try to guess what you were thinking of. If they don’t guess, hope it’s because you were all obscure, and not because your art sucks.
  • Everybody catch A Girl And Her Fed yesterday? Eyes!
  • T Campbell’s recap of the “web comics” panel at NYCC is up; his report confirms my suspicions that it was entirely aimed at “lets put whole comic books into a digital distribution channel”, and not “let make content for the web on a continuous basis”.
  • All this, and he’s an actor, too? Dave Kellett will be hitting the New York City stage as part of a production of one of his wife‘s plays. I’m so there.
  • One of these things is not like the others.
  • Man, Hastings and Eli’s mom — that outfit with revealed drooping navel is just … disturbing.

Some dudes appreciate the exposed, distended abdomen of a woman with child.

The Internet tells me so.

I totally did not realize that she was pregnant. I always thought that Hastings and Eli were closer in age than would allow their mom to be with spawn when Hastings was already in school.

Nevertheless, I don’t think she’s got that, “pregnant women glow” thing going on.

Yeah, she’s got more of a sallow smoker’s glow.

The glow is yellow.

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