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Wednesday Dawned Clear And Bright

Couple of quick things, as there’s a lot on my plate at the moment.

  • Bad news from Amsterdam, as Liz Greenfield reports a dead computer, severely limiting her ability to do comics for an adoring Internet public. If you’re going to The Thing in London on the 17th, she will be bringing sketchbook-type material to sell (sadly, the hoped-for books 4 and 5 are on hold ’til the hard drive gets restored). It is your duty to buy lots of these sketchbooks so that Liz can get a new computer, please.
  • The McCloud Family Trek continues unabeted, with new dates for the leg that takes them from the reaches of the Midwest all the way to the Atlantic Ocean and back (with a small side trip to California). Tomorrow: Clarksville, TN.
  • Related question: what do you call kids whose godfather is Neil Gaiman, and whose father will officiate at the wedding of Amy Kim Ganter and Kazu Kibuishi? Fangirls. Of the Year.
  • Does two years count as a Grind? Yes. Yes, it does.
  • Longtime webcomickers Chris Daily (and formerly schoolmate/roommate/collaborator of both Jennie Breeden and T Campbell) has teamed up with fellow vet Aerie for Punch an’ Pie. It just launched Monday, but based on pedigree it’s worth a gander.
  • And, naturally, Achewood. I think I need my name on that thing, and some god damned peanut butter.

but not if the peanut butter went all nasty!

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