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NYCC ’07 Post Mortem

If, on the off chance, anybody reading this knows anybody at Reed Exhibitions, could you please smack them? For a company that’s trying to go from zero to San Diego scope in the space of three years, they really need to rethink their entire approach to comic con management. From the floor layout to bizarre, unworkable line-wrangling, it was pretty badly done. That being said, even a poorly-executed convention (“Extrosion”, anybody?)can be a lot of fun, depending on who you’re hanging with. Random thoughts to help you get a feeling of having been there:

  • The Digital Strips crew are commandos. In, get an interview, camera rolling, done, fwoosh! Gone in the blink of an eye. Can’t wait to see the footage.
  • Speaking of DS, they spoke to old school indy creator Wendy Pini about her upcoming webcomic plans; interesting writeup, as I spoke to her husband, old school indy publisher Richard Pini on Saturday morning at the Dumbrella booth. He was very excited to see Diesel Sweeties make the leap to syndication, having looked at that route himself once upon a time. He also bought an Old School shirt, thus completing the theme.
  • Had a tough time finding BLC representatives Brad Guigar & Paul Southworth, as the sign over their tables inexplicably read Dave Kellett. But they did well for themselves, with Brad having sold just about everything he brought, and Paul’s new Medieval Friday kicking ass. Oh, and confidential to Brad Guigar’s kids: Don’t get in the suitcase, no matter what Daddy tells you!
  • Likewise, I missed meeting up with Jennie Breeden, but via the magic of email, the promised interview will go on.
  • Ironic moment of the weekend (as reported by Chris Hastings): During the “web comics” panel Friday morning, a question from the floor touched upon the ads-and-merch model of revenue, practiced by so many independent creators. The panel (all corporate types) thought it wasn’t a good model, in part based upon their reading of T Campbell’s A History Of Webcomics. Ironic part: the question in question came from T Campbell. I’m sure that T will tell the story better, so keep an eye out for his report.
  • I met a Dr McNinja cosplayer and the man who gave Paul Southworth lube. I did not get a picture of either. I did, however, purchase a handmade, alcoholic zombie cat, which is creeping my dog out.
  • There was also the thing about Genital’s Discount Tittery and crying pterodactyls, but you had to be there.

So Mr. Elfquest is walking around in one of my shirts? Daamn, I need to get ahold of them. That’s neat.

[…] At Onezumi, there’s a new art blog called Onezumiverse. And over Ugly Hill way, the previously-referenced Medieval Friday t-shirts have made an appearance. In fact, they may be sold out by the time you read this, so be certain to let Paul Southworth know if he needs to do another print run. […]

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