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Almost Nothing To Do With Webcomics

But Rich Stevens managed to give me a link, no matter how tenuous, to the awesomeness that is This American Life. And if you read this page regularly, I have a feeling that you are (or should be) a fan of TAL, which is the best thing in any medium, ever.

If you live within a day’s forced march of in Boston, LA, Minneapolis, Seattle, or Chicago, you must (must, must, must) make your way to the appropriate venue, obtain a ticket by whatever means necessary, and attend the current live tour, Things I Learned From Television. Those of you in the New York area, you missed out, ’cause Ira Glass and the gang were here last night, and they killed. Now make your arrangements (and hop to it, Bostonians, the tour rolls in tonight), or we can’t be friends anymore.

Gary, you were there too? It was EXCELLENT. Made me feel very confident in their new TV show as well.

Chris, I had no idea you were there. Wow — you, me AND Alec Baldwin (saw him outside the bathrooms before the show). I’m so confident in the new show that I have to upgrade my cable to get Showtime (or at least On Demand).

And how brilliant a marketer is Ira Glass that I spent $25 on a kite for the privilege of promoting his TV show, merely for the chance to get a Snickers™ bar?

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