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You Know What? Con Report Tomorrow

Two strips worth talking about this morning. On the one hand, this from Chris Baldwin:

I have a favor to ask.

For two months I am not going to post Little Dee here at

My contract with United Media ends May 1st, so I will either be syndicated, or probably be moving Little Dee back here permanently.

So, I’m asking if you’ll excuse this and continue reading Little Dee at

Anybody that’s read Fleen for more than about a week knows that I believe a few things strongly:

  1. Syndication of comic strips is, in the main, horribly screwed up;
  2. Little Dee deserves to be in front of millions of readers every day

In theory, item #2 can be achieved solely by Power of the Internets, but practically speaking? Most people will never find it if it’s not in front of their nose. United Media, to be fair, seems to be trying to shake things up and bring in new strips (as evidenced by their pickup of Diesel Sweeties, plus I hear interesting rumors of other webcomics as well), and in a right-thinking world, one of those would be Baldwin’s. BUT:

I know many of you prefer reading Little Dee here, so I hope you don’t feel this is too much of an inconvenience for two months. The thing is that I’ve received some vague hints from the syndicate that my stats numbers aren’t high enough on their site.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I actually do prefer reading at Baldwin’s site, because is a buggy, slow-to-load, popup-spawning horrorshow that hates non-IE browsers, but to help him I will brave the hideous design. And, in case you were wondering (like I was), you can still purchase Little Dee originals by looking to the left-hand side of the page for the picture link. I think I might call dibs on that one of Vachel’s harem.

In other news: GIRLFIGHT! This can only end in tears. Sexy, sexy tears.

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