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This Is Gonna Be An Expensive Weekend

People coming to NYCC have a little too much cool stuff for sale. Jeff Rowland is rumored to have brought 15 plush Joannas (and I heard tell of a cheerleader outfit that she likes to wear), Paul Southworth is unveiling the first Ugly Hill t-shirt (it’s a secret design that you can only get in person), Jon Rosenberg has that swanky Science Is Satan Spelled Backwards shirt on pre-order, but all that pales in comparison to the coolest new piece of webcomics merch.

Jennie Breeden continues her quest to drag webcomics into new product categories; having brought us the kilts/leafblower calendar and the playing cards, she now adds a picture puzzle. 500 pieces, full color, detailed art, and a punchline (plus boobies). Add that to her ongoing Devil’s Panties comic book, which is up to issue #9 in the direct market where it’s common wisdom that:

  1. humorous,
  2. black and white,
  3. independently published,
  4. non-superhero comic books
  5. by/about women

don’t sell. But she’s releasing regularly & on schedule, while massive corporations can’t get their marquee books out the door without months-long delays. Breeden is doing something really cool, and I’m going to do my best to talk with her about it this weekend.

[…] Likewise, I missed meeting up with Jennie Breeden, but via the magic of email, the promised interview will go on. […]

[…] Some years ago I noted that Ms Breeden managed to release her (at the time monthly comic) regularly & on schedule, where the large comics companies were incapable of getting their top-name marquee books out on time. Is it any wonder that she’s managed to trump them on day & date releases? […]

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