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Is The Fifth Anniversary The One Where You Give Books? ‘Cause That Would Be Appropriate

Unshelved hits the Big Five-Null today; take away some of the more explicit trappings of library and it’s fundamentally a workplace comic, just with lots more books around than most workplaces. But even if that was all that Unshelved was (and it’s not), you’d still have to give big “ups” (as the kids say) to Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes (a noble fellow, to be sure) for two things:

  • They really, really want you to know about good books; if you’ve never checked out their Sunday strips (which take the form of short book reviews, and form a suggestion list for book clubs), do so. Great variety of stuff there.
  • They really, really want you to appreciate what librarians do. Far from the cliche of the shhhshing lady with the hair in a severe bun, modern librarians engage in a wide variety of services and programs, across all media, forming an invaluable resource in any community, and it’s free to you. And Ambaum and Barnes get ’em to pimp up their book carts for shits ‘n’ giggles.

So congrats to Ambaum and Barnes; next time you drop by your local library, make sure the local staff knows about the boys and give ’em some love.

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