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First off, a few of you had contacted me regarding it, so I’ll mention that my NYCC press credentials came through officially making me something resembling a hack journo, now. I’m so proud. I that vein, we have some news for you.

Tim Demeter, editor/T II of Graphic Smash and Clickwheel, informs us that Clickwheel has been acquired:

Clickwheel Ltd, the comics to iPod company, has been acquired by computer games super-developer, Rebellion, developer of such video games as Alien vs Predator and Rogue Trooper.

A videogame developer seems an odd bit of synergy, until we realize what else Rebellion owns: 2000AD. A company that exists to put comics on the iPod, one the most elegant pieces of consumer electronics engineering ever, is now owned by JUDGE DREDD. If Demeter approaches you and declares that HE IS THE LAW, don’t argue with him.

In gentler (but no less ass-kicking news), Whitney Robinson of Alma Mater has told us that she’ll be making an announcement on Monday — she’ll be holding a contest with an iPod up for grabs. Be sure to check out Alma Mater on Monday for the full deal, and if I were you, I’d start reading the strip very closely, paying attention to small details.


Heh, thanks for the plug.

Ditto (on the thanks, not the ice cream).

Congrats to Tim as well!

I thought it was an odd fit when Rebellion bought up 2000AD originally but it has definately done a lot of good for the comic. There are more 2000AD books being released now than there have ever been before. They should bee able to do good things for Clickwheel too.

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