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Webcomics will be making themselves known at various conventions in the near time frame. For instance, you gots the New York Comic Con (now with added breathing room!) starting this Friday. Things kick off in the morning for members “of the trade” only (which means that webcomics panel we wrote about last week? You can’t go.) and open to the public at 4:00pm. Multiple members of Dumbrella will be in evidence, as will selected members of Blank Label, a wandering-about Chris Hastings, and the nomadic Jennie Breeden. Anybody that travels for work, think you got it bad? Check out Breeden’s convention schedule.

I’m assuming at this point that NYCC has approved my press pass, since I’m getting a mountain of come-ons from publicists to come see their stuff at the show, but work will keep me from the webcomics panels; see Mr T’s blog for a writeup that he’s promised us. Anyway, look for me perhaps Friday afternoon, and most of Saturday, and be sure to check out R Stevens on the Syndication panel (which, mysteriously, he’s not listed as being a part of) on Sunday afternoon.

Other cons coming up include No Such Convention (at Vassar) the following weekend, with RK Milholland and Jeph Jacques, and The UK Web and Mini Comix Thing in London on March 17th. The latter will feature John Allison, Chris Hastings (assuming they let a ninja on a plane), Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier, Tom Siddell, Mr Madsen, James Turner, Liz Greenfield, Lem, and others that I’m totally missing. It’s the most webcomicsariffic show this side of MoCCA, and you know what? I’m going to be in London, and with most of a Saturday to kill before making my way to Heathrow.

One week beforehand. Dammit! Well, try to have a nice Thing without me.

Goddammit, Gary. Prioritize!

Now who will buy me donuts?

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