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The WCCAs Are In; Let The Bitching Commence!

Remarkably consistent results this year, as every single award was won by either Perry Bible Fellowship, or Questionable Content. Ladies and Gentlemen, the issues surrounding webcomics are now settled, and it behooves us as lovers of the medium to throw our support behind our new Glorious Leaders, Nicholas Gurewitch and Jeph Jacques. I, for one, welcome our new webcomicky overlords.

Okay, not really, but they really did dominate the results. And I do welcome them as overlords … you ever seen Jeph Jacques in person? Guy’s a looming giant.

In other WCCA news, there was a glitch in the link trail, so go here for the Outstanding Writer, and here for Outstanding Use of the Medium. And it looks like Scott Kurtz picked a good design shop, since Thin Slice won Outstanding Web Design for their makeover of PvP.

Oh, and because it wouldn’t be webcomics without it … a Wikirant!

Haha, wow! A Krazy Larry reference! I bet the only one who got that was me and Derrick.

Also, these awards are fixed every year I don’t win one. Every other year, they’re legit.

I am pleased to announce that Nicholas and I are starting a new collaborative project, The Questionable Bible Content Fellowship.

It will focus on a group of hip twentysomethings who will be horribly murdered in a different, ironic fashion at the end of every strip.

I’d read that.

Jeph –
Isn’t that what QC is about already? I mean, I always thought the genius of your work was that the end panel murdering was implied.

These awards are fixed!


There is not enough bitching in this thread. Come on! We need more bitching!

Bitching? Okay!

I didn’t even get nominated and I’m tonnes better than all of those assholes.

But I don’t mean “asshole” in a disrespectful way. I just mean people who aren’t that good. Like those guys.


You went too far.

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