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Again With The Mailbag

Quick roundup, then off for the long weekend.

  • Andy Bell wants us to know about a gallery show that’s got a good cause behind it: the Gimme Shelter group show will be at 193c Gallery, at the rear of Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The webcomics connection? Bell hung most of the works on the gallery walls! Opening reception is in about 4½ hours, so get moving, people.
  • After two months away from webcomics, Grant Thomas is back with a series of reductos on his Graphic Poems comic. New work added every Friday.
  • Taija tells us that the scifi webzine/podcast Slice of Scifi just picked up Webcomics Nation denizen G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures for tooncasting. Zany!
  • Michael Kinyon writes to ask what the deal is with all the ear infections in webcomics these days.
  • The Fermento Show creator SuiZ writes to tell us about Matt Simpson, creator of Nuclear Powered Toaster, who’s lost two artists in less than a year. Anybody looking to work with a writer? Check out NPT.
  • And lastly, from me — I’m getting some responses for the solicitation for Guest Columnist pieces, so let’s just lay out what you can expect:
    Think of it as like the op/ed page — anybody can submit, but we at Fleen reserve the right not to publish (keep it on topic and not too self-aggrandizing). You send it to me, but I won’t edit you beyond simple fixes on format, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If it runs, it runs largely intact. I’ve add a new Guest Column tag so that people can find these articles and reviews. We may have our newest one as soon as next week, and it’s by an established, respected creator.

Okay, that’s it. Enjoy the (US only) holiday weekend (unless you have work) (I don’t).

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