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The Absolute Final Word On The First Great Webcomics Wikipurge Of Aught-Seven

Okay, this tempest has settled down, but should I find it … notable … that the guidelines for notability re: web content (including our beloved webcomics) may actually be more stringent than the guidelines for notability re: porn stars? Guess now we can, as suggested, get a grip.

Thought you’d like to know. the founder of Wikipedia is trying to start a wiki Search engine.

Isn’t that great? Soon everyone will be able to delete webcomics from search engines, too!

Honestly, I’m just waiting for someone to come along and delete my website because they’ve never heard of it and there’s no paper trail to prove that it exists.

The website or content has won a well-known and independent award from either a publication or organization.[6]

Who’s up for Fleenies?

I demand the award for least prolific Fleen journalist!

Absolutely the final word on the subject:

[…] Wikipedia’s War on Comics continues, this time with an assault on the entry for Oni Press, which was briefly tagged for deletion due to a lack of “notability” on the part of the company, before the delete tag was smacked down by wiser hands. Related: Gary Tyrrell notes that the standards for webcomics listings on Wikipedia seem to be much more stringent that the site’s criteria for porn stars. Standards, folks, it’s all about standards. (Above: screenshot excerpt from Wikipedia’s “Oni Press” comments section. Link trail: Graeme McMillan ← Bryan Lee O’Malley.) […]

Wikipedia’s notability requirements for British railway stations are “Must be a British railway station”.

Seriously. There’s an article for every single one, no matter how tiny or uninteresting.


[…] time readers may recall that I once drew a compare-and-contrast of the stringency in Wikipedia notability requirements for web content (includi… Since it appears that The Most Wonderful Encyclopedia In The Universe cares more about naked people […]

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